Biking with Babies: Part 1

biking with babies

I have experience with (now Thule) Chariot and Burley and would highly recommend bothI’m just gonna put this general statement out there right off the bat: Biking with babies in North America is a contentious issue. It just is, I accept that. And, to each their own. It is even a bone of contention in […]

Family Larch Hike: Arethusa Cirque

larch hike

The third week in September is glorious in Alberta.  September, itself, is pretty magnificent if you ever plan on visiting.  The reason the third week is particularly special is because mother nature’s clock chimes with just the right amount of cooler nights, signaling the magnificent larch trees to change from green to a rich yellow, […]

At the Margins – Incremental Changes towards a Goal: Health, Habits, & Infrastructure

Most people think that biking with kids is nuts.  Perhaps it’s acceptable if you are out for a nice Sunday family ride, but it is otherwise seen as an extreme form of transportation. In North America, that is.  Or, at least wherever I have lived in BC, Alberta, and Québec. The North American internet presence […]

Bespoke Birthdays: Dirt Cupcakes

garden cake

Turning 5 is a big deal.  No joke.  Formal schooling begins.  Drawing skills are out of this world.  Chapter books are fun to read, even for the parents.  Serious distances can be done on bike (at least when pastries or ice cream is used as a motivator).  She can skip.  She can whistle!  And, she […]

Eat: Our journey with eating and food

eating food

At the root of it all Eating and food have been at the heart of my family since before we had kids.  Sharing meals with friends framed our university days and forms the bulk of my memories of life in Montréal.  I should have dropped out of my expensive neurodevelopment training program at McGill (that is, my […]

Blueberry Scones with Crunchy Sugar Topping

blueberry scones

The last of the summer fresh blueberries are rolling in to the market.  These blueberry scones have been a staple for us this summer: eating them on the cargo bike en route to swimming lessons, early in the morning; lingering over breakfast in the garden while the girls play; or, snacking on them while out […]

Vanilla Zucchini Cupcakes

vanilla zucchini cupcakes

The end of summer is full of big milestones for us: two birthdays and our anniversary, all squeezed in to two very short weeks.  The past couple of years the girls’ birthdays have been a bit, um, neglected due to one of them being born and then a family emergency.  This year my goal has […]