Book Review: Natural World by Amanda Wood & Mike Jolley

book review

A Visual Compendium of Wonders from Nature: Natural World written by Amanda Wood and Mike Jolley, illustrated by Owen Davey is a masterpiece. Absolutely stunning and a total must-have for your budding biologist. In a nutshell, my six year-old loves pouring over this book, taking in the useful and fascinating facts while appreciated the scintillating artwork.

book review

Similar to the excellent but more formulaic DK-style non-fiction books out there, this book avoids large chunks of text, has lots of images (but not photos), and is packed full of salient information.

Better than Google

My eldest daughter is a sponge for facts about biology. Pre-reading, she learned a lot from us and the Kratt Brothers; now, after learning to read about 10 months ago, she can glean a lot of information from this book, all by herself.

It’s not watered down science. It is real, factual, and accurate: the good stuff. The kinds of tidbits of information that your kid will latch on to or the kind of knowledge that you can use to answer your kid’s questions, like ‘Are there different types of nests?’ or ‘Why is this burr stuck to my fleece?’

book review

This book is better than Google because it narrows down the results and contains only quality information. Your older child can even learn to use the Table of Contents or Index to research their own curiosities.

Reading level

Eye candy for little ones, suitable for beginner readers (so long as they don’t get frustrated by bigger words). Excellent for all ages, specifically confident readers and up (approximately 6-8 years old and up).

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