Book Review: Sky Sweeper by Phillis Gershator

We received this lovely book from a friend when our eldest daughter was born. While it was a few years before it snuck into the bedtime routine, this book is now a solid family favourite, loved by all four of us. There is something immensely calming about this book and it is a great final read before lights out.

The book is connected to nature through gardening and the seasons; it is connected to life by solid values, like hard work, simple pleasures, and not needing to be recognized by others – all very important lessons.


The pictures in this book are done in a collage style by Holly Meade. The friend who gifted us this book is an artist, herself, as well as an educator, and she used to use this story with school-aged children to help inspire their own collages.

Reading level

The writing is simple, with short poignant phrases and some repetition. The vocabulary is not complex and my 6 year old can read it aloud, herself. It is recommended for Grades 1-4, but our children have enjoyed it as early as the toddler years.

And, just to let you know, death is encountered in this story (but in a very peaceful manner) with an emphasis on remembering to tell people how you love or appreciate them before it is too late. Another valuable life lesson.

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