Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway: Strider Run Bike

Enter for a chance to win a Strider run bike (local pick-up)!

We looooove our local family bike shop, BikeBike, and they are who we purchased our blue Strider run bike from back in 2012. Enter this giveaway for a chance to win for your little ripper, or head on down to their store to support this amazing local business. Did you know, not every city has a family-biking oriented shop?! I can’t imagine what our lives would be like if we didn’t. I know that they would be very different; it is so incredibly helpful to have a place to go, see, and test ride cargo bikes in the flesh! If you aren’t so lucky to have such a shop in your town, never fear, they just launched an online store!!!

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5 Replies to “Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway: Strider Run Bike”

  1. My little one would love one of these

  2. BikeBike is our fav shop too! Ordering online is sure a nice option.

  3. We need a bike carrier for our vehicle so we can explore more areas outside of city = more biking 🙂

  4. A bike rack would probably be helpful so that we could take our bikes out to the trails

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