Holiday Gift Guide: Little Rippers

Even Little Rippers can appreciate quality gear, for zooming around on their run bikes, or cozying up in the trailer or box bike for some chilly rides. Check out these four wicked ideas, ranging from handmade to purchased, and including two giveaways (November 13-19th, 2017):


Cozy natural fibres or a thick fleece blanket to bundle up under in the bakfietsThis is the ultimate gift idea to suggest to a crafty friend or family member. Passengers in trailers or box bikes (bakfiets) aren’t working as hard as mom or dad and need extra help keeping warm. 1 m by 1 m (a little bigger than 3′ x 3′) should be ample. Now they can ride around all snug, looking at Christmas lights or being lugged around on your regular school or day care runs!

We have really appreciate the green down stroller bag from MEC that we received as a Christmas gift a few years back! And, check out the beautiful knitted rainbow blanket the kids’ Oma made:


Microwaveable heat pack

Cozy is best. We reach for a hot water bottle (filled with warm water, not too hot, especially for babies!) to tuck into the trailer when the temperature plummets, for biking or cross-country skiing. A friend just picked up the cutest wheat berry and lavender microwaveable heat packs from a local market: A sweet animal cover in cozy fleece and an interior bag that can be removed and heated up in the microwave (along with a mug of water so that the filling stays hydrated and doesn’t dry out and burn easily).

These packs are just like a hot water bottle, except they tend to hold their heat a bit better because the filling is more insulative. This is the perfect gift for crafty you or maybe an Oma? Here’s a great link to help get you started on deciding what filling to use: What filling makes the best hot pack? I plan on sewing up a some of these, myself: some for bedtime, perhaps some in hand warmer size, and a few for the freezer. Alternatively, look around at your local holiday markets and you may find a vendor who has sewn up the perfect gift for you!


Riding gloves

It is so tricky to find riding gloves for Little Rippers. The closest that I had found that were a doable fit were way-too-big XS 3/4 length gloves from MEC for my youngest when she wanted a pair at age 2. (The MEC gloves are designed for children to youth… not toddlers.) While they have proven to be decent gloves for both kids, they do not provide full-finger protection for the kids that like to give ‘er.

For smaller sizes and/or better coverage, I recommend ZippyRooz. We have just been introduced to them. Their sizing starts at aged 1-2 years old and they come in super cute patterns! We are in the process of testing out the full finger version and so far both of my kids love the fit and feel (and, this mom loves that the recommended sizing was spot-on for both of my kids). FYI, their full finger gloves provide great grip and full skin coverage to help protect against scrapes; the 3/4 length gloves have more padding.

Check out All out Kids to order some for a stocking stuffer or gift and enter the giveaway to win a pair from them! (Giveaway open to Canadian residents only, please!).


Water bladder pack

This is an easy way to keep your little one’s hydration up in the summer. Little kids feel so big and important getting their own backpack, let alone one with a water bladder! It’s the perfect amount of water for them with room for an extra layer for those who can handle the bulk. We use the backpack (without the water bladder) for preschool, too; it fits a water bottle and snack perfectly.

We have two versions of the MEC Mountain Fountain Jr. Hydration Pack. If you manage to find a used one on kijiji or Craigslist, you could always just replace the bladder from a store, like MEC (and get the version with the magnetic clip for the drinking straw because it’s awesome).


Run bike

While it doesn’t work for every kid, it does work for most! Get your kids riding early (as soon as they are tall enough to straddle and walk the bike, usually around 18 months) with a run bike! We chose Strider run bikes for our kids because they are so light and adjustable.

Start scouring kijiji for a used one (they go fast!), purchase one at your local bike shop or online, or enter to win one in this giveaway from my local bike shop, BikeBike! This giveaway is for local pick-up only, please!

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