Holiday Gift Guide [+ Giveaways!]: Mom & Pop & the Fam


Every kickass biking mom needs to feel special some times! I highly recommend pampering them with some outdoor-inspired creations from Canadian jeweller, Arleigh Kurucz, who sells under ADK Jewellery. She has mountains, snowflakes, snow cats, water, and beautiful precious metals and gems featured in her works. Her pieces are unique and timeless. You can purchase some of her

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creations¬†online or at her charming store, Garnish, in Revelstoke, BC, where she curates gorgeous Canadian-made works on main street. Enter my giveaway of her snowflake “itty bitty” studs and a mountain “itty bitty” pendant, perfect for that fat biking or bikepacking lady in your life!

Or, gift them something luxurious and practical, like some of Calgary-made Riyoko‘s supersoft bamboo fleece tights, an amazing addition to their winter-weather riding (or xc-skiing) wardrobe. I’ve been wearing her infinity scarf style travel hood ever since the cooler weather emerged this season and it’s been fabulous. Enter my giveaway of a travel hood here!


Whether he needs something to carry that bottle of Prosecco to the picnic or go winter fat biking with your kid in the WeeHoo, we’ve got you covered:

  • Velo Orange Retro Bottle Cage
    These gorgeous stainless steel water bottle cages fit a regular water bottle or even a larger one litre Nalgene. The overlapping design of the cage accommodates a variety of sizes. These look great for bikepacking or carrying your favourite bevy to a picnic in the park! You can find them online, here.
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  • Polar Stroller RX3 Ski
    You can buy as many skis as you need! They fit up to a 21″ wheel, turning a wheel into a ski that glides on snow; so, they could attach to bike trailers, trail-a-bikes like a WeeHoo or perhaps even a Burley Piccolo, enabling your loved one to head off fat biking with your little stoker! These can be purchased online here or you can enter for a chance to win a pair in my giveaway!

Family Game Changers

There are a few key things that you can do to make biking as a family simpler and more fun. Being prepared, good to awesome equipment, and good clothes… because there isn’t such a thing as bad weather, right? Only bad clothing.


I don’t know any cyclists that will say no to merino. Merino t-shirts. Merino long-sleeve zip-turtle necks. Personally, I covet a merino sweater. Merino long underwear, yes. And, this year I have fallen in love with ultra-breathable merino underwear (but not its cost, so gifted is best!).

I use Wee Woolies for the kids;¬†MEC for my husband and myself. Plus, I’ve been gifted some super nice Icebreaker stuff, too. There’s another brand out there I’ve been wanting to try as I’ve heard great things: Ground Effect, from New Zealand (where they know merino!). I’ve also heard that the merino shirts available from Costco are pretty good (especially for the price point of about $22 CDN!); no personal experience though.

Testing out the merino (backwards, of course) in a summer heat wave at the playground!

I love Merino for its low-stink factor, breathability, ability to adapt to different temperatures, and I love natural fibres because they can decompose after I’ve shredded them through wear and tear. It is definitely not the cheapest gift idea, but it is extremely thoughtful on all accounts and will last a long time.

Stocking stuffers

Nice tools are lovely. I really like 3-way hex wrenches (aka Allen keys), I find they’re much more comfortable to hold and they fit into most places on the bike. Something like this one from MEC or this one if you need to access a bolt more from an angle. I find this style of hex wrench to be much more comfortable to hold and they fit into most places on the bike; especially handy for easy seat height changes if you share a cargo bike.

Unless you’re running tubeless, Christmas is a good time to do an inventory of spare tubes as they make great, cheap stocking stuffers if you need any. Patch kits, too! Check to see if your patch-kit glue is still usable; nothing like going to fix your first flat in eons and having the glue be all dried out!

From Santa

And, because I can, I’ll throw these ultimate gifts on here, for the family. Consider forgoing holiday gifts for a few years in order to pay for one of these ideas, but I promise that it will change your entire family’s lives for the better:

  1. Cargo bike
    I’d recommend a box bike like our CETMA as the ultimate choice for year round urban riding, but there are more affordable options available, like some longtail style cargo bikes. Check with your local family bike shop for more info; in Calgary, that’s BikeBike on 17th Ave – if you’re not local, you can browse some of their cargo bikes online now, too.
  2. Electric assist
    At some point, unless you live in a completely flat place, it is very likely that you will greatly appreciate an electric assist add-on for your heavy load, at least to take the edge off on hill-climbs and longer distances. We went with a Stokemonkey from Grin Technologies in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Hallowe’en on the CETMA! One happy fairy; one fairy tired from preschool.

Something fun

A lightweight hammock! Who doesn’t need a comfy hammock for lounging around at your bikepacking campsite or local park? Watch out, your kids will likely dominate it, but I have a discount code to help lessen the blow of not getting to live your relaxing hammock dream: Head to Madera Outdoor and use LIBLI40 at the checkout for 40% off your purchase (before taxes and shipping). Bonus, two trees are planted for every hammock purchased!

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