Holiday Gift Guide: Winter Riding Must-Haves

In our family, we offset the consumerism by seeing Christmas as a chance to acquire useful things. Sometimes ‘useful’ and ‘comfortable’ get murky, but in our books, that’s okay when you are mostly moving your body to get around in all sorts of weather. Help your loved one make the leap into year-round active transportation with these two suggestions that meet both the useful and comfortable criteria:

Bar mitts (aka pogies)

There are many brands and styles to choose from, get the ones that fit your handlebar style best. Since you’ll be buying these for someone else, take a picture of their handlebars before you head to the store to help yourself and the shop staff! I have a pair of Bar Mitts brand ones that work beautifully on the handlebars of our CETMA, but not on the Edgerunner (only because they’re different shaped bars and I would need a different shaped Bar Mitt to work on the Edge).

Bar mitts can even be homemade, if you are crafty; consider upcycling the materials for a super cheap or even free option! They can be made of warm material (like an upcycled kid’s winter coat) or neoprene which is pretty effective at cutting the wind. Some styles are soft (and flop over when you are parked so no snow gets in!); some styles are stiff and remain open for easy access (but can fill with snow when parked!). Check out my pal Doug’s Etsy shop for some local-to-Calgary handmade goodness.

Studded tires

Schwalbe or 49North are great options. We use both brands in our household and while we hate putting them on, we love having that extra bit of grip, especially while cornering and when we have kids on board. Expect it to cost you around $220 (give or take) to gift studs (but the gift will likely last 4-5+ years). Head to your local bike shop for help on picking the right size and style for the bike.

The annual tire changeover…

Polar stroller RX3 skis

You can buy as many skis as you need! They fit up to a 21″ wheel, turning a wheel into a ski that glides on snow; so, they could attach to bike trailers, trail-a-bikes like a WeeHoo or perhaps even a Burley Piccolo, enabling your loved one to head off fat biking with your little stoker! These can be purchased online here or you can enter for a chance to win a pair in my giveaway!

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