About Our Hundred Acre Wood

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Welcome to Our Hundred Acre Wood, a family-oriented community that believes in being outside with kids, eating well, and exploring life.

garlic scapes

Our wish is to share joys and failures, lessons learned, and all the everything that is raising active, engaged kids in an urban setting.  It’s beautiful, messy, and unpredictable and we are building a home on the web to let it all spill out.

Come here to find anecdotes, garden updates, musings on how we make it work, and delicious food ideas required to sustain all the everything for our family and, hopefully helpful for you and your family, too.

Relax, click through, and stop in for a visit!  Cheers.


Lindsay Bliek is the editor and principal writer in these woods.  Trained as a teacher, she is a self-taught cook; full-time parent and child wrangler of two kids under 5 and a dog who usually gets walked (and is always loved); is constantly creating space in our little duplex; and, slowly taking over our urban lot with food and perennials.

You can read more about Lindsay’s passion behind the concepts of Roam, Eat, and Grow in these posts.