Camping Food: Southwestern Beans & Rice

Summer goals One of this summer’s missions was to get camping, finally. We started getting into it with our first born, but then we had a second and life happened and and and… And, we did it! We got back camping this year. First car camping a bit, then we streamlined and planned for a […]

Toasted Yum Granola Bars

nut free bar

I hate to admit it, but it has been a long winter in our house. Between cold snaps, dressing a non-compliant toddler, illness, and some wicked cold snaps, I relished days where I could pull a jar of sweet summer sunshine out of my freezer. I will let the picture speak for its metaphorical self. […]

5 Flexible Family-Friendly Meals

local vs organic

Family-friendly meals: what are those? Pasta, right? It’s great for kids to try new foods. We always offer up new items and have a ‘try it’ rule in our house. Our kids are also not allowed to whine that they “not like it“, as the toddler might be prone to protesting, but are very much […]

Seeded Multigrain Sandwich Bread

seeded sandwich bread

I. Love. This. Recipe. I now religiously make it once per week. It’s infallible, makes great sandwiches because it’s fluffy inside, and it freezes really well. I can make two loaves but almost always stretch it out to three (somewhat shorter) ones, which is perfect for kid sandwiches. I slice two loaves once they’ve cooled completely […]

Blueberry Scones with Crunchy Sugar Topping

blueberry scones

The last of the summer fresh blueberries are rolling in to the market.  These blueberry scones have been a staple for us this summer: eating them on the cargo bike en route to swimming lessons, early in the morning; lingering over breakfast in the garden while the girls play; or, snacking on them while out […]

Frozen Chicken Teriyaki

Well, not really, but kinda? I love to stock our deep freeze with good meat and have it around to pull out whenever.  Sometimes I have the foresight to thaw it ahead of time, other times it’s small enough that I can thaw it in an hour in some cold water, and then there are […]

Blueberry Ginger Pie Milkshake

Somehow it quickly turned into one of those Breakfast for Dinner nights, tonight.  And, even then I needed something to feed them immediately.  When this happens, I have time to throw together a pre-dinner veggie snack plate or dump a bunch of stuff in the Vitamix and bust out a satiating smoothie. Milkshakes were on my […]

Backyard Quiche

Quiche, like pizza, is an excellent fridge cleaner outer!  More romantically, quiche also turns a little bit of this and a little bit of that from the garden into a tender, filling, and healthful treat of a meal.  (And, it makes great leftovers, too!) I had a bit of a fennel bulb leftover (and, soon, will […]

Fresh Pasta & Basil Pesto

Pasta has a special spot in my soul.  I’ve just always really loved it even though there is not a drop of Italian blood found in my body.  No noodle-y food heritage, at all, from any culture!  One Valentine’s day, back when we lived in Montréal, my now-husband and I bought a pasta maker for […]