Wholegrain Sandwich Bread

Kid-friendly sandwich bread has been a mirage, waiting for me to catch it on the horizon.  I grew up on cheap whole wheat loaves from Safeway that made excellent PB&J sandwiches: soft, tasty, and just the right body that the trimmings were the highlight of the show, not the bread.  It’s also a challenge to get […]

Mango Smoothie

I love Altaulfo mangoes.  So.  Much.  I find that they are incredibly reliable compared to other types of mangoes and almost always are creamy, smooth, and unbelievably tasty.  Yes, I like mangoes.  A lot.  I like fruit, a lot. We picked up yet another case of these beauties at the Calgary Farmer’s Market this weekend and […]

Chicken Kebabs & Cherry Clafoutis

eating food clafoutis

I love Sunday dinner.  It’s especially wonderful when we get to share it with friends or family or both!  After a very busy week, we managed to have a full yet restful weekend, culminating in some friends joining us for a hang in the garden and sharing in what turned out to be a nice meal. […]


I’ve got two kids and, oddly enough, one of them didn’t care for pasta until she was about two-and-a-half or so.  Growing up, my grandma always knew what I would request for my birthday dinner: spaghetti, meatballs, and her angel food cake (well, not hers, I’m pretty sure it was Betty Crocker’s!).  Needless to say, […]