Growing is a very literal thing around our tiny urban homestead.  We are busy growing a significant amount of food on a small urban footprint in what is considered to be inner city Calgary (something that I struggle with as it feels relatively suburban to me even though we are a short distance south of downtown).  I use the word ‘grow’ as a metaphor, too, as we are busy growing ourselves, including our two little ones who are growing like weeds.

A major theme of Our Hundred Acre Wood is Growing: growing gardens, growing children, and growing as parents (and people, in general, for that matter).  In this corner of the blog, you will find posts including, but not limited to:

  • gardening
  • parenting
  • DIY skills
  • being a work at home parent (WAHP/WAHM)


Gardening is solely seasonal content, what we are doing to prepare, what we are actually growing, and how we are coping with produce overloads (like preservation, baking, etc.), with the odd hardscaping project as we continue to build on site.


Parenting content on this site will be reflective of our journey so far, including practical resources like how we have cloth diapered our two kids, striving for a litterless lunch at school, or strategies for reducing consumption with (small) children in your lives.  Even more far-out there topics, like bed-sharing or extended breastfeeding may be addressed if and when I am feeling brave enough to tackle these more controversial topics!


Every so often I will conquer another project around the house, one that could have been contracted out, by somehow finding the time to do it with two small kids around.  I will rave about it here, posting lots of pictures of how I accomplished it and you will be able to glean my sense of satisfaction from the post as it will ooze out of the words on the screen!  An example of this is How to Make a French Drain – check out all of that digging, I slept so well this week.

Taking Care of Business

And, new to me, is this whole “work at home” aspect of parenting, something that I hope to share with you all as I learn and grow from my experiences.

Come along for the ride!

I invite you to come join me on this journey!  I will share with you the ins and outs of growing our family and lives on this corner of the web and I look forward to hearing from you and how we can relate, so please comment here or on social media.  If you are on Facebook (FB), it is my most parent and every day life-filled segment of social media that I use.  Follow me there to commiserate as I vent about the day-to-day or celebrate small victories and joys!

Grow’s content list:

Try searching the blog for keywords about vegetable gardening, a particular crop you are looking to grow, season extenders, or if you are looking for a recipe for a certain something that is overproducing in your yard right now.  Or, browse down this page – I attempt to keep these links updated as I add content.

Produce Overload

Ideas about what to do if you have an influx of any one sort of produce from your garden.  Zucchini is one that we often think of!

Zucchini Overload: More than a dozen ideas to help you cope!

Vanilla Zucchini Cupcakes

Strawberry Vanilla Yoghurt Zucchini Muffins

Barley Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Chocolate Zucchini Cake, Take 2

Zucchini Corn Eggy Pie

Backyard Quiche

Fresh Pasta & Basil Pesto

Structural & Hardscaping:

How to Make a French Drain