Our fleet

Our city fleet is constantly evolving due to our love of biking and desire to bike with our kids, who are constantly growing.  Long live n+1 and check back on your next visit to see if there’s a complete profile of our fleet up!  Here’s the bare bones of it:

  1. Xtracycle Edgerunner 24D (2014): We’ve had the Edge for just over a year.  It’s orange and awesome.  The back is set up with a pink Yepp Maxi right now and a soft spot and hooptie, plus U-Tubes and cargo bags.
  2. CETMA Largo (2016): We got the Largo late winter/early spring of this year.  It’s got a Nuvinci 380 hub and we had a belt on it but are trying to tweak the range for the hill we live on top of and have a chain on it at the moment.
  3. Brodie Section 8 (2014?):  This is my husband’s commuter most of the time.  We got it on sale one year and it’s proven to be awesome for winter as it has an internal hub, a roller brake, and a disc brake.  Pretty low maintenance (which any mechanic we know reading this would think is a good thing for us!) and very good for the winter.
  4. Bianchi Cyclocross bike: My husband’s road/cross bike that he also has used extensively for commuting in Vancouver, as well as with studs in winter in Calgary (but now it’s mostly a fair weather whip).  He’s had it for at least a decade.
  5. Kid Trailers: We currently have a 2007 Chariot Cougar 1 and a 2007 (or ‘o8?) Chariot CX2