Blueberry Scones with Crunchy Sugar Topping

blueberry scones

The last of the summer fresh blueberries are rolling in to the market.  These blueberry scones have been a staple for us this summer: eating them on the cargo bike en route to swimming lessons, early in the morning; lingering over breakfast in the garden while the girls play; or, snacking on them while out […]

Vanilla Zucchini Cupcakes

vanilla zucchini cupcakes

The end of summer is full of big milestones for us: two birthdays and our anniversary, all squeezed in to two very short weeks.  The past couple of years the girls’ birthdays have been a bit, um, neglected due to one of them being born and then a family emergency.  This year my goal has […]

Honey Peach Jam

It was market day today and I scored a $10 half bushel of peaches from Oliver, BC.  They aren’t the most gorgeous specimens but they were cheap!  And, I’m going to get about 27 cups worth of jam out of them.  They can’t be that bad, either, as the girls have eaten about four between the […]

Fresh Pasta & Basil Pesto

Pasta has a special spot in my soul.  I’ve just always really loved it even though there is not a drop of Italian blood found in my body.  No noodle-y food heritage, at all, from any culture!  One Valentine’s day, back when we lived in Montréal, my now-husband and I bought a pasta maker for […]

Wholegrain Sandwich Bread

Kid-friendly sandwich bread has been a mirage, waiting for me to catch it on the horizon.  I grew up on cheap whole wheat loaves from Safeway that made excellent PB&J sandwiches: soft, tasty, and just the right body that the trimmings were the highlight of the show, not the bread.  It’s also a challenge to get […]

Raspberry Apricot Jam

eating food and preserving

I got to go to the Calgary Farmers’ Market with only one kid today!  Bliss!  And, she was sated and happy, eating her chocolate croissant on my back in the Ergo.  So, I had hands free and an empty stroller to fill up. The market is really starting to hum.  There are berries galore, boxes […]